Lunchtime is an important part of the day when children learn how to behave in a dining hall, how to interact with their friends and to try foods they may not be familiar with.

Staff sit with younger pupils to supervise their eating and to assist where appropriate.  Older pupils who are able to do so are encouraged to be more independent.

Our school meals cost £2.30 per day for a two course, well balanced meal prepared and cooked in-house by Stir Food. 

Early Years and all Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils automatically receive free school meals paid for by the Government, following a recent announcement by the Mayor of London.  Pupils in Key Stages 3 & 4 may also be eligible for free school meals.  An application form and the rules for eligibility can be found on the London Borough of Hounslow Free School Meals webpage.

Some pupils may require special diets and we are happy to discuss arrangements to meet these needs.  Halal food is available on request.  If a child is allergic to a specific food, this can be accommodated if parents inform us of specific dietary needs.  Pupils can also bring their own packed lunch which must contain healthy food and drink.

Our lunch menus follow a three week cycle.  Each day there are three options including a vegetarian option and a jacket potatoe with a selection of toppings.  Drinking water is always available.  Please click here to view our current menu.