Parents' Support

Marjory Kinnon School strives to support parents and carers, and develop strong relationships with them.  We run a range of activities to support parents and carers as described below.  Activities to support parents and carers are overseen by the Children, Family & Community Committee (CFC).  Support and advice is also offered by a range of national charities and organisations.

NSPCC   National autistic society  Young Minds  childline


Parental Engagement

We offer a range of parent and carer programmes and workshops throughout the academic year.  We aim to provide a range of services that encompass both educational and practical sessions, as well as opportunities for parents to share their own knowledge and expertise, and gain support from one another.

Teaching/Learning Workshops 2022/23

If you require information about future workshops or would like to book a place, please contact our school and ask for Jozsef Kalman, the Parental Engagement Strategies Lead.

Course name Leader Date course aims

The Sleep Charity



Develop better understanding of:
  • The importance of sleep
  • Sleep physiology
  • Impact of sleep deprivation
  • Common sleep issues in children & young people
  • Strategies to improve sleep / practical tips
Getting Ready To Work (GROW) Rochelle M. Autumn 2, 2023
  • Improve confidence
  • Support people to get a job
  • Support with CV
Puberty Workshop Ksenija G.
Kevin S.
Hannah H.
Debbie L.
Rochelle M.
Autumn 2 &
Spring 1 2023
Secondary & Year 6
  • Support with appropriate language related to puberty
  • Strategies to support children at their home
  • Visual strategies shared to support pupils understanding

Workshop on Communication Tools, Structure and Routines

Jozsef K.   

Spring 1, 2023



  • Increase parents understanding of different types of communication tools
  • Guide parents through practical strategies they can use with their children
  • Help parents to develop their knowledge on how to support their children
  • Give parents the opportunity to meet with experienced staff
  • Give parents the opportunity to meet with other parents who have had similar experiences and to gain support and learn from each other
SIBs Rochelle M. Spring 1, 2023
  • Support parents on how to support their neuro-typical child with their disabled sibling
Gestalt Language Processing Isobel H. Summer 1, 2023
  • To increase understanding of what gestalt language processing is. 
  • To learn practical strategies to support gestalt language processors
Visual Impairment LBH + R.N.I.B Summer 1, 2023
  • Emotional and practical support for people with visual impairment
Oral Health NHS Trust Summer 2, 2023
  • Tooth brushing and techniques
  • How to adapt toothbrushes for children with additional needs
  • How to help protect children's teeth from tooth decay
  • Top tooth tips
  • Diet
Multisensory Workshop Jessica B Summer 2, 2023
  • What is sensory processing and integration?
  • Why use multisensory resources/equipment/strategies at home?
  • To provide pratical multisensory resources/equipment/strategies for providing sensory input at home
  • Highlight uses for multisensory experiences

Early Years strategies and play

Nicole H.

Autumn 2, 2023


  • The stages of play and how children typically develop and progress thorugh these
  • The importance of 'role play' in the development of children (the benefits of play)

Regular Coffee Morning

Marjory Kinnon School have regular coffee mornings on the last week of every half term.  We aim to invite internal and external professionals to have informal discussions and to give information/advice to parents on different topics.

Fundraising Run - July 2023

Jozsef Kalman (AHT EYs and KS1) is leading an initiave for parents and staff to join weekly group run sessions, led by MKS staff, with a view to training for and entering the Asics London 10K race.  The training schedule is devised so that runners will be able to run 10K within the race completion time of 90 minutes.  Participants will be asked to fundraise for the school, with the proceeds going towards resources for the Primary Village and games for Secondary Common Room.


Report - Parental Engagement in Marjory Kinnon School 2021-22