Parents' Support

Marjory Kinnon School strives to support parents and carers, and develop strong relationships with them.  We run a range of activities to support parents and carers as described below.  Activities to support parents and carers are overseen by the Child, Family and Community (CFC) Committee.  Support and advice is also offered by a range of national charities and organisations including:

NSPCC   National autistic society  Young Minds  childline


Parental Engagement

We offer a range of parent and carer programmes, workshops and coffee mornings throughout the academic year.  We aim to provide a range of services that encompass both educational and practical sessions, as well as opportunities for parents to share their own knowledge and expertise, and gain support from one another.

Coffee Mornings

We hold coffee mornings for parents and carers in the last week of each half term.  For exact dates and times, please visit our School Calendar.

Teaching/Learning Workshops 2019/20

Course name Leader Date course aims

Cygnet - parents training for children with ASD

(limited spaces)

Sarah Grey,

Julie Harvey                

Autumn 2 Spring 2  Summer 2 2019/20

7 sessions

Parents/carers will have a better understanding of Autism and they will be given the tools and techniques to engage and work with their children.

Early Years strategies and play

Martin Coyle    

5th Feb

1.30pm - 2.45pm  


Parents /carers will have a better understanding of how children learn through play that has an impact on their learning.  

Maths Mastery

Jo Stacey, Anton Van Dyk

Summer 1


Parents / carers will have a better understanding of how they can support their children with learning mathematics.

Humanities and Science at MKS

Jo Stacey, Noreen O'Donnell

Summer 1


Parents / carers will find out information on how science and humanities are taught at MKS.

Communication in Print

Anthony Griffiths, Jozsef Kalman

Summer 2


Parents / carers will learn how to use CiP software so they will be able to prepare symbols and social stories for their children.

ERTs (behaviour management, structure, strategies)

Jozsef Kalman,

Jo Stacey

Summer 2


Parents / carers will have a better understanding of structures and behaviour management strategies that are used with pupils with autism.

If you require information about future workshops or would like to book a place, please contact our school and ask for the Parental Engagement Strategies Lead, Jozsef Kalman.

Previous Teaching/Learning Workshops 

During 2018/19 we offered a range of workshops to support parents’ understanding around communication, independence, behaviour management strategies, structure, routines and healthy eating. 

We gather feedback at the end of each session, and over 90% of parents found that our workshops covered useful material and they would be confident to use learnt strategies at home.


Parents' Feedback

Marjory Kinnon School values strong relationships with parents and carers.  Each year we ask parents and carers to provide feedback on our school, using our annual Parents’ Questionnaire. The results of the 2018/19 Questionnaire show that overall parents responded positively, with 99% agreeing that their child is happy at Marjory Kinnon School and 97% agreeing that their child makes good progress.  Please click on the link below for further information:

Parent Engagement Report 2019/20