Medical Conditions

Please notify the school of any special medical conditions which may affect your child whilst at school or on a visit.   If a child has a medical condition, such as epilepsy, then an Individual Healthcare Plan will be written in consultation with parents/carers and healthcare professionals, explaining how to manage the condition and how to respond to an emergency.

During school hours minor cuts, scrapes etc. are treated in school by a first aid trained member of staff. In the event of a serious accident (e.g. suspected broken bone) parents/carers will be immediately contacted. If no contact can be made the child will be taken to hospital for treatment to begin and a message will be left at the child’s home and at the school. No child will be left unaccompanied at any hospital or clinic.


If your child is well enough to attend school but requires medicines prescribed by the doctor during school hours please ensure that all medicines are taken directly to the school office. Medicines should always be provided in the original container with a pupil’s name recorded as dispensed by a pharmacist and include the prescribers instructions for administration.  We cannot accept medicines that have been taken out of the container as originally dispensed nor make any changes to dosages on parent/carer instructions.

An ’Administration of Medication’ form must then be completed and returned to the school office. No child is permitted to have any medication in his/her possession. We cannot give medicines which have not been prescribed e.g. Calpol. If your child contracts an infectious disease such as whooping cough, measles, mumps or chicken pox etc. please check with your medical practitioner to establish when it is safe for your child to return to school without putting other children or adults at risk.