What Marjory Kinnon School can offer you

It's not just a job, it's a career at Marjory Kinnon...  

At Marjory Kinnon School we encourage everyone to take responsibility for improving their own health and well-being. The benefits extend beyond work and into home and family life as well. We provide a range of activities and information in the workplace to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage all to make and sustain positive behaviour changes.

Medigold Employee Assistance Programme

Sometimes issues at work or at home can affect our employees and lead to absence from work, but sympathetic, impartial support or advice may be all that’s needed. All employees have access to the 24/7 Employee Assistance helpline to get immediate counselling support or advice on matters that may be troubling them and affecting their performance. 

Peace of mind

At Marjory Kinnon School, we understand that you may experience ill health that could impact on your ability to work. Where you have an existing health condition or when you experience ill health, we will provide support to help you manage your condition to remain in work, or return to work while supporting your ongoing recovery.

The workplace

At Marjory Kinnon, we take safety seriously. This is about preventing you from becoming ill or injured as a result of the work you do. Through a range of activities such as removing hazards from the workplace, providing training to all employees, and putting into place monitoring and surveillance, we ensure the place where we work is safe and well-maintained.

Rewards & Benefits

At Marjory Kinnon School we seek to embed our hallmarks and deliver on our mission – Though our learning, work and play we nurture, challenge and inspire each other to achieve our full potential. We do this by developing and supporting our staff, encouraging core values, mutual respect and an appreciation of the worth of others whilst creating a safe, caring and well-organised school environment whilst achieving our school development plan goals.

In order that we consistently deliver great service we need colleagues to be involved and engaged during their journey with Marjory Kinnon School. Colleagues at Marjory Kinnon School take pride in working for our school and that is why we want them to feel rewarded and valued as well as having the opportunity to develop. We recognise that working for Marjory Kinnon is not just about pay, but also the benefits and opportunities available as part of the Total Reward package.

There are a range of great benefits available to colleagues, ranging from competitive market salaries and pensions, to discounted shopping and the opportunity to develop your career further.

Here are some of the benefits that we offer our colleagues:


  • Salary - Marjory Kinnon School offers a market competitive salary. At Marjory Kinnon School there are also opportunities to develop and learn new skills giving you the chance to progress your career.
  • Pension – For teachers we offer the opportunity to join the National Teacher’s Pension Scheme and all other staff the opportunity to join the LGPS 2014 pension scheme. These are defined contribution pension schemes, in which both you and the school contribute to your pension pot.
  • Life Assurance – While employed at Marjory Kinnon School all employees are eligible for Life Assurance cover. In the event of your death in service the scheme will pay a lump sum to your next of kin or nominated beneficiaries.
  • Service – If you have worked for five years or more continual service, we say thank you through rewarding you.


Marjory Kinnon School takes the well-being of its colleagues seriously and has a commitment to the well-being of all employees. We promote a number of well-being and inclusion initiatives such as Well-being Wednesdays.  We offer a variety of other benefits to help you develop as a professional, be empowered, healthy and productive.


Colleagues can take advantage of numerous discounts across a range of products though our staff benefits scheme.

  • Childcare Vouchers – Open to all colleagues with children 15 years or younger, the tax-free childcare scheme is a family-friendly scheme enabling colleagues to benefit from income tax and national insurance savings on childcare costs.
  • Our Canteen – While at work why not take advantage of the on-site catering facilities. Just think, no more worries about what to take in for lunch as it is all there for you when you get to work.
  • Car Parking – We provide free parking (subject to space constraints) for colleagues while at work.


Developing our colleagues is important in our aim to become a national beacon special school that consistently demonstrates best practice. We offer bespoke training, coaching and mentoring to aid your career development.