Parents Evening

Meetings are held with parents/carers each term as follows:

Autumn and Spring Terms

The school has introduced Structured Conversations in the Autumn and Spring terms, which replace the traditional Parents Evening.

Structured Conversation is an opportunity for teachers and parents/carers to work closely together to support the child’s progress by setting targets together.

At the meeting, which lasts approximately 45 minutes, parents/carers can discuss their child’s strengths, areas for improvement, and how the school can help the pupil achieve his or her goals. The class teacher and parents/carers work together to decide on activities, both at home and at school, to help the pupil achieve his or her targets.

The class teacher contacts the parents/carers directly to agree a meeting time that is convenient for both sides. The first Structured Conversation takes place in Autumn 1 and the second in Spring 2.

The content of a Structured Conversation is as follows:

  • The first part of the Structured Conversation is an opportunity to celebrate successes, and share concerns and aspirations for the child;
  • Clear goals and targets will then be set for learning and for wider outcomes, such as behaviour, friendships and participation in social events;
  • Together, parents/carers and the teacher decide on activities to help the child to achieve those targets;
  • Next, parents/carers and the teacher agree who will do what to help the child – in school and at home;
  • Finally, decisions will be made about how to keep in touch between meetings.

Summer Term

The Annual Review Meeting also forms part of the Structured Conversations and takes place in the Summer term.  During the Annual Review Meeting, the class teacher will meet with the parents/carers to discuss the child’s progress and set targets for the next academic year.