Coronavirus Information

During the Coronavirus outbreak we will be using this page to provide information on the situation at Marjory Kinnon School, and for support for our pupils and their families.  We will add information to this page regularly.  This page includes copies of our letters to parents and links to advice for parents, pupils and staff about Coronavirus.  Please click on the links on the right for details of our approach to remote learning, pupil homework and other activities for pupils, both educational and fun.  You will also find a list of websites which have useful advice on Coronavirus for parents of SEN pupils.


Supporting Wellbeing

In this unprecedented time, we are going to experience a range of emotions, sometimes confusion, numbness or even no clearly identifiable feelings.  This is all normal. 

The NHS are offering free webinars regarding mental health and wellbeing that are free for anyone to access.  These can be found HERE.

London Borough of Hounslow have put together some ideas for young people, families and staff, to support them during the pandemic:

LBH - Emotional wellbeing tips for children and families

LBH - Emotional wellbeing tips for staff

LBH - Helpful services for families

LBH - Helpful services for young people

Mind has developed a new Programme called 'Know my Mind'. It offers free 1:1, group, and peer support sessions. These cover a variety of topics from managing anxiety to coping during the pandemic. Groups start on Monday 1st March 2021.  You can find out more HERE.

For pupils with ASD, food can be a difficult issue. This booklet provides suggestions for parents and carers to support their children during this time.


Communication from Marjory Kinnon School

Marjory Kinnon School has prepared a risk assessment which addresses health and safety issues impacting on how we run our site and look after staff, children, contractors, visitors, etc., in relation to Covid-19.  It is regularly updated as further Government guidance is received.  The Risk Assessment is set out below for information:

MKS Risk Assessment                                

The Risk Assessment reflects the Government guidance which can be read HERE.

Here is a list of the letters relevant to parents:


02.02.2021  Letter to all parents with current update

13.01.2021  Letter to all parents regarding school places

05.01.2021  Letter to all parents regarding school opening

02.01.2021  Letter to all parents regarding school opening

31.12.2020  Letter to all parents regarding school opening

16.12.2020  Letter to all parents regarding Covid-19 during the holidays

02.12.2020  Letter to all parents regarding end of term

23.10.2020  Half term update letter to all parents

15.10.2020  Letter to parents regarding further Covid-19 cases in school

05.10.2020  Letter to parents regarding a Covid-19 case in school

16.09.2020  Letter to parents on procedures if a child displays Covid-19 symptoms while at school

11.09.2020  Letter to all parents welcoming pupils back to school

07.09.2020  Letter to all parents regarding a Covid-19 case in school

24.08.2020  Guidance to all parents on return to school
24.06.2020  Letter to all parents with an update on Coronavirus
22.05.2020  Letter to all parents re Covid reopening
15.05.2020  Letter to all parents re possible reopening of school to more pupils in June 

11.05.2020  Letter to all parents from Tom Bruce, Cabinet Member for Education, Children & Youth Services at London Borough of Hounslow

21.04.2020  Letter to all parents about Coronavirus

20.03.2020   Letter to all parents about provision during the school closure
18.03.2020   Letter to all parents about closure of Marjory Kinnon School
18.03.2020    Letter to parents of secondary pupils about homework
02.03.2020    Letter to all parents with information about Coronavirus, including the latest Government advice